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Tom Lantinen of Hardscape Creations, Inc.

Tom Lantinen, owner and founder of Hardscape Creations of Florida, and inventor of the patented Pool Scribe, first found the Fibonacci Spiral – an icon that would become the emblem of his professionalism – while using a tractor to unload limestone boulders for a waterfall construction.

The spiral, a 52-million-year-old fossil from a time when the seas still covered the land, fell out of one of the boulders.

"I knew it was something special. I picked it up and just marveled at its beauty," says Lantinen. It was the perfect symbol for his work. “It’s something that has, over the millennia, had its essence preserved in stone. I work in stone and love it because it lasts.”

Superior design and enduring materials

have earned Hardscape Creations a spot as one of the premier rock and waterfall design and construction companies in Florida. The company, based out of Newberry, launched in 1998 and specializes in the design and construction of travertine pool decks and natural-rock and custom-carved waterfalls.

Planning & Exececution

Our professional designers will help plan and outline your project and select the perfect pavers, stone textures and colors for your pool deck, patio, walkways, driveway, walls and more. Then, our experienced installers bring the gorgeous design to life, developing outdoor spaces you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Colors & Textures

Choose from a wide array of materials to best suit your environment. Our professionals will work directly with your pool contractor to create the look you desire.

Infinity Pool Decks, a Hardscape Creations Original

Infinity Pool Decks provide a perfectly smooth and organic edge around your pool or spa, made possible by the Pool Scribe, a Hardscape Creations invention. With this patented technique, there is no lip or visible border on pool edges. Whether building a new pool or re-surfacing an existing deck, consider the distinctive look of the Infinity Pool Deck.

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